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Pray with the heart
Author Fr. Slavko Barbaric by: Father Slavko Barbaric - (The Medjugorje Manual of Prayer) This is one of Father Slavko's first books and one book that everyone should have. There are many books written about prayer but here is a book, which in itself is a prayer. The cover may have changed but it is still the manual of prayer from Medjugorje. Whoever reads this book will be spiritually enriched.
The Way of the Cross
Author: Fr. Slavko Barbaric Description: In this booklet you will find the comfort you need whenever you desire to be near Jesus. We will help you enter into Jesus’ and our Lady’s suffering, not only with Scripture and our Lady’s messages, but also with Stations of the Cross, Jesus’ way of the cross.
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The Power of the Rosary( out of stock)
Author: Rev. Albert J.M. Shamon
Celebrate Mass With Your Heart
By: Father Slavko Barbaric Takes your heart to the profound mystery of the Christian liturgy: To Holy Mass, the bloodless sacrifice of Jesus; to the greatest and most precious gift that God has been able to offer us. This book will lead you to the ultimate and divine richness of God's love and can surely plant a seed in many minds and help the seed to grow into spiritual fruit.
Adore My Son With Your Heart
by: Father Slavko Barbaric Fathers "Heart" series are all inspired by the messages of Medjugorje and thus centered around prayer. Adore my Son with your heart answers the questions of: How do we pray in front of the Most Holy Sacrament? What do we say to Jesus there? We can really learn to adore Jesus there, with our whole heart and in greater depths. Father Slavko uses this book to lead us into adoring Our Blessed Mother's Son.
Fast With The Heart
by: Fr. Slavko Barbaric The fact that Our Lady calls is to a two day fast, on Wednesdays and Fridays, in its own way attests to a preparation for a meeting with the Eucharistic Christ. Thursday has always been a day of the Eucharist and the Priesthood. That is why the Wednesday fast, from the Eucharistic standpoint, is in preparation for Thursday, the day of the Eucharist. The Friday fast is in thanksgiving for the Eucharist and is a realization of the possibility of remaining with the Eucharistic Christ for an entire lifetime.
Give Me Your Wounded Heart
by: Father Slavko Barbaric The second book by Father Slavko. His first book was about prayer, this book is about the sacrament of reconciliation and is written from his heart. Confession is central to Christian living. It is unthinkable to have a Christian life without reconciliation between God and man. Many Christian believers so not understand this sacrament, this returning of the prodigal son into the home of his waiting, generous father. This confession manual is an outstanding directive in this beautiful sacrament of reconciliation
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